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What are the risks of a forceps delivery for a mother and newborn?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Birth Injuries

Preparing to give birth should be exciting for any expectant mother in Idaho. Typically, a newborn can pass through their birthing parent’s vaginal cavity normally. If you have difficulties while giving birth, medical professionals may need to utilize methods meant to help complete the delivery process. One common method used when labor stalls is a forceps delivery.

The risks of forceps deliveries for a birthing parent

The most common risk of a forceps delivery is damage to the vaginal area. Using forceps can result in vaginal tears. While less common, the use of forceps may also cause tears along the rectum muscles or wall. An even less common side effect of delivery using forceps is a prolapse of the pelvic organ.

Birthing parents assisted by forceps to deliver a baby may also experience urinary-related problems. In some cases, forceps deliveries can make it difficult to urinate properly. Other birthing parents can experience incontinence, which involves urinating more frequently than normal.

Forceps delivery risks for a newborn

Parents giving birth aren’t the only ones who can potentially experience post-birthing injuries. Thankfully, birth injuries to newborns when using forceps to assist in the delivery process are often mild.

A common injury that happens after a forceps delivery involves minor wounds. As birthing specialists typically use forceps when a newborn’s head is beginning to pass through the birth canal. These wounds often heal on their own in a few days.

In less common instances, delivery using forceps may cause temporary nerve damage or small skull fractures to a newborn. However, these injuries also tend to be minor and resolve within several days or weeks.

It can be understandably unnerving to think about complications that may arise while giving birth. Fortunately, advancements in medical technology help ensure that the average newborn delivery goes smoothly.