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Holding Dentists Accountable For Your Injuries

When we go to a dentist, either for routine maintenance care or for serious operations, we place our health and safety in their hands. When a dentist or their staff fail to provide the standard of care we expect of them, they may have injured you through malpractice.

If you have suffered from dental malpractice, our legal team at Mahoney Law, PLLC, can help you file an injury claim. We can help you pursue the fair and full compensation you need to cover the costs of your injury and recovery.

Do You Have A Claim?

It can be hard to know if you have a claim for your dental injury. In order for you to file a claim against your dentist, you need to be able to prove that the injuries you received were because of their substandard level of care.

As your legal representation, we can help you establish the four elements of a malpractice claim:

  • Duty – What a doctor is supposed to do for their patients
  • Breach of duty – What the doctor did that violates their duty
  • Causation – What the consequences of the breach of duty were
  • Damages – How the consequences hurt the victim

While being able to identify the factors of malpractice in your unique situation, you also need to be able to prove it in your claim, which is exactly where our Idaho team comes in.

Let Us Fight For Your Rightful Compensation

If you suspect that you suffered from dental malpractice, the first step in seeking justice is contacting our Boise law firm. Call us at 208-296-6451 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation and let us help you fight to earn the compensation you deserve for your injuries.