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Experienced Insurance Law Representation

Mahoney Law, PLLC, provides insurance bad faith attorney services in Boise, Idaho. We emphasize insurance law as one of our core practice areas. Our insurance bad-faith attorneys serve all of Idaho, eastern Washington and eastern Oregon.

If you suspect that you have been wronged by your insurance company and need to consult an insurance law attorney, then it is time to speak with an insurance bad-faith attorney at Mahoney Law, PLLC. We can handle any insurance case in Idaho and across the Intermountain West.

How Our Experience Can Help You

There are many different situations that can lead to an insurance law claim. Insurance law can include the following types of claims:

  • Insurance bad faith
  • Wrongful denial of insurance claims
  • Failure to pay insurance claims
  • Delay in paying insurance claims
  • Failure to provide insurance benefits
  • Failure to provide insurance coverage
  • Denial of insurance benefits
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Health insurance

We have a successful track record of taking on large insurance companies in these types of insurance law cases. Our substantial experience and resources allow us to go toe-to-toe with the most difficult insurance companies. Mahoney Law, PLLC, practices insurance bad-faith litigation in Idaho in each of these areas.

We have been working in the legal field of insurance law for many years and have a firmly established track record of excellence. While many insurance bad-faith cases may settle, this is due to the strong, professional legal backing of the insurance lawyers behind the case. Our insurance law practice is fully prepared to handle any insurance case you may have.

Why You Need An Attorney

It is always wise to consult an attorney before you get involved in a legal proceeding. This is especially true in insurance bad-faith litigation cases and with respect to insurance law in general. Since insurance law in Idaho is nuanced and complex, it requires a great deal of expertise.

When you take the time to consult with a professional, you will gain a great deal of confidence and understanding about your legal case. By working with our clients on a one-on-one basis, whether your case is large or small, we seek to fully understand the details of your insurance dispute, communicate answers to you and properly move the case to a successful conclusion.

Act Fast To Let Us Stand For You

Please do not delay in contacting competent insurance law counsel. All states have statutes that place time limits on an individual’s right to assert an insurance law claim. Also, insurance policies often have time-sensitive clauses written into the language of the insurance policy that seek to limit your rights. Call us today at 208-296-6451 or email us here for a free, no-obligation consultation on your insurance law matter.