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Several ways a dentist can commit dental malpractice

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

Malpractice can happen in a range of healthcare settings. You may have slight fears about malpractice when visiting a doctor’s office or undergoing surgery in Idaho. However, dentists are also susceptible to not providing their patients with appropriate care.

Having patients treated for too long

Some types of medical malpractice by a dentist can occur when they provide too much care. An example of this could be a dentist keeping braces on patients longer than they need to wear them. That’s because extending treatment plans means more money for their dental practice while the patients gain no additional benefits. This situation is otherwise known as unwarranted treatment.

Exposing patients to diseases

On the surface, most dental practices look sterile and clean. However, hidden diseases and other bacteria can be present throughout dental offices. In 2013, a dentist found himself in legal trouble after 60 of this person’s patients tested positive for HIV or hepatitis. Under normal circumstances, most dentists wouldn’t have let this situation happen.

Committing dangerous medication errors

A lack of proper care from a dentist doesn’t only concern what happens during dental procedures. Dentists can also face malpractice charges for post-treatment medications patients receive. A dental professional should know your medications and those causing past adverse reactions.

Surgical-related errors

Dentists typically also perform a variety of surgeries while sending patients requiring more complicated procedures to someone specializing in oral surgery. Regardless of whether you need a simple or complicated procedure, both options carry the risk of malpractice that can lead to patient death.

You have the right to receive adequate care when treated by a medical professional. If that doesn’t happen, you might be able to seek and obtain damages if the other party is guilty of malpractice.