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Accidents that are caused by poor road conditions

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Post-accident investigations may point to unexpected reasons for vehicle collisions in Idaho. Various forms of reckless driving contribute to accidents frequently, and other factors can play a role. For example, road conditions could be degraded because the environment presents many accident risks. Victims may file a lawsuit against those appearing liable if an accident occurs.

Road conditions and accidents

Problems with road conditions may result from improper construction, such as shoddy construction that leads to dangerous imperfections in the road. Sometimes, the design may undermine the ability to remain in a lane or merge with traffic. Stalled cars and pedestrians could face dangers if the road does not provide an adequate shoulder.

Other concerns about road designs may focus on inadequate signage. When signs don’t notify drivers properly of exit and entrance lanes, accident risks may increase. If an accident occurs, the injured party may explore civil remedies.

Road design lawsuits

More than one party could be responsible for motor vehicle accidents. When a construction company performs a shoddy job, the enterprise might face claims by those injured in an accident. Victims might also sue any government entity that failed in its duties to ensure the road is safe.

Other drivers could contribute negligence if their behavior increases the chances of a crash. A driver who speeds or cuts in and out of lanes may face liability claims in any circumstances. Still, such behavior might be more egregious when the road conditions would make such actions even more dangerous.

Filing an insurance claim could provide a viable means of receiving a just settlement. However, there might be situations where suing in court for a larger award would be worth considering.