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How to drive safety during the fall months

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The fall months in Idaho feature shorter days, cooler temperatures and leaves falling on the roads. They also tend to feature more rain as well as animals migrating in search of food or mates. While these hazards may increase your risk of an accident, there are steps that you can take to stay safe regardless of what you face while you are behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Avoid distractions

Staying off of your phone can make it much easier to see an animal crossing the road or a school bus that is coming to a stop. You should also avoid conversations with passengers or listening to loud music as that can take your eyes and mind off of the road. It’s also imperative to never drive while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances that impair your ability to process information in a timely manner.

Slow down

Your car’s stopping distance will be greater on roads covered by leaves, rain or other slippery substances. Therefore, driving to work or school at a slower speed will give you a greater chance of stopping and avoiding a motor vehicle accident. Driving at a slower speed also gives you an opportunity to scan the road for pedestrians or other hazards. Identifying hazards in a timely manner gives you an opportunity to avoid them without slamming on the brakes or taking other impulsive actions.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for property damage or bodily injury. This assumes that another party’s actions were directly responsible for your losses. Witness statements, video footage or other evidence may be used to help you obtain a favorable outcome during settlement talks or at trial.