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Process birth trauma and achieve personal growth

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Birth Injuries

New mothers in Idaho may experience various levels of birth trauma. The birthing experience can cause you emotional trauma regardless of your infant’s status. You can have a healthy baby but still be left with traumatic memories and feelings. The emotional impact of the event could lead to postpartum depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Research about birth trauma indicates that you should honor your emotions and actively examine them. In this way, you increase your chances of processing the trauma and ultimately relieving your symptoms.


A few minutes a day spent writing down your memories and thoughts about the trauma can move you closer to peace. You can describe the scary facts of the event that damaged you emotionally or physically, such as birth injuries, and express your feelings without judgment. A study of postpartum women who devoted time to writing about their negative experiences concluded that they experienced less depression and PTSD.

Be on guard against self-blame

Self-blame often bothers people who went through traumatic births. This is an unproductive reaction that can worsen your emotional state. Psychologists recommend teaching yourself to recognize when your thoughts turn to self-blame so that you can reframe them in a less harmful way.

Post-traumatic growth

Along with a conscious effort to process your feelings, patience presents a necessary ingredient for healing. A traumatic event has the power to result in positive changes. Your overwhelming emotions could force you to reassess many aspects of your life. Over time your perspective on life evolves, and you begin to rebuild your life. The grip of your trauma eases once you process the lingering shock of what happened. It never fully leaves you, but you become ready for your next chapter in life.