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Discovery in Idaho Personal Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Firm News

Created: 18 December 2018

If we as personal injury lawyers file a lawsuit seeking money damages for personal injuries, from a car accident for example, the at fault driver and his/her insurance company are allowed to conduct what is called “discovery.”  This simply means that the other side will send us written questions and requests that we give them information and documents about your case. Our state has formal written rules for this process, called the “Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure.”  In discovery, the written questions are called “interrogatories,” and the document requests are called “requests for production.”  The written interrogatories will ask for things such as the names of all witnesses, the names of your doctors, your employment background, and your health history, basically everything about your personal injury claim.  The requests for production will ask for things that relate to the personal injury case such as your medical records and proof of any loss of income or wages.  The other side, in a personal injury claim, may also get to take your “deposition,” which is really a question-and-answer session under oath about your claim and your background with the lawyers for both sides there.  We get to equally conduct discovery into the other side as well.  Throughout this process, our personal injury attorneys will prepare you, guide you, and be right there by your side to protect your rights during what can understandably feel fairly invasive.  Contact Mahoney Law PLLC, injury attorneys in Boise, Idaho, for any questions you have about personal injury claims, personal injury law, or personal injury settlements.