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Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Created: 02 May 2016

Tips on hiring a Personal Injury Attorney:  (1) Be sure not to simply hire the first law firm that sends you flyers in the mail.  These days, many so called “trial law firms” are routinely sending direct mail advertisements to injury victims.  These lawyers troll the police reports and other sources to find the names of people who have been involved in car accidents.  They send out catchy mailers, brochures, guidebooks, etc., etc. trying to convince you to hire them.  Ask yourself:  if they are really that good would they need to send out direct mailers to me?  Probably not the firm to go with.  (2) Look for a firm with a track record of actual results that they share.  Results speak louder than words.  (3) Look for a firm with the resources to actually go the distance.  The only way you will obtain maximum value on your claim is to have an attorney who has the resources to fight to the end, versus a lawyer looking for a quick settlement.  Even if your case is one that should settle relatively quickly, you will only get maximum value if your lawyer is of the sort that is prepared to go to trial, that way the opposing insurance company knows that if they low ball you, they are in for a fight.