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Pedestrians and SUVs are a bad mix in Idaho

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrians and SUVs in Idaho are often a dangerous combination. Research shows SUVs are more likely than any other vehicle to hit pedestrians. These accidents typically occur when SUVs make turns and pedestrians cross the road. It’s possible that because of their size, SUVs have visibility problems that make it difficult to spot pedestrians.

SUVs and pedestrians

Pedestrians hit by SUVs often suffer severe injuries, and the deaths these accidents cause have steadily risen. It’s believed that the growing popularity of SUVs has put more of these vehicles on the streets. As a result, the number of SUVs and pedestrian accidents has increased. SUV and pedestrian crashes account for a significant amount of personal injury cases.

The danger of intersections

Intersections are dangerous spots for SUVs and pedestrians. An SUV making a left turn at an intersection is likelier than any other vehicle to hit a pedestrian. The odds of hitting a pedestrian during a right turn are lower, but it still occurs more often than with non-SUV vehicles. From 2014 to 2018, SUVs making turns killed more than 900 pedestrians at or near intersections.

Additional dangerous situations

SUVs are more likely to hit pedestrians jogging or walking along the road than any other type of vehicle. These accidents occur most often in rural areas where residents are more likely to jog or walk than drive or use public transportation.

Concerns for pedestrian safety

In addition to SUVs, other large vehicles also threaten pedestrians. These accidents aren’t as common as with SUVs, but minivans and trucks also cause many pedestrian crashes.

It’s believed that improved vehicle design can reduce the number of crashes involving pedestrians. Drivers of large vehicles are also advised to pay closer attention to pedestrians while behind the wheel.