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Caring for a child with cerebral palsy

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Cerebral Palsy

One of the most common birth defects in Idaho and throughout the country is cerebral palsy. The condition can occur if a baby doesn’t get enough oxygen during delivery. If your child has cerebral palsy, it’s important to know how to properly care for them.

Stay organized

Children with cerebral palsy have special needs and must have continuing care to manage their condition. While caring for your child, it’s important to stay organized. Keep all of their doctors’ names and contact information on hand. You should keep track of their medical appointments and have copies of all medical records, including test results. Keep a list of emergency contacts, your child’s medications and dosages and school contacts.

Stay informed

You should learn all you can about cerebral palsy to better understand your child’s condition. Remain in constant contact with their doctors and physical therapists and be aware of all treatments they need. Knowing all the details can help you make better decisions about their health.

Feed them a healthful diet

Children with cerebral palsy should eat healthy diets. Certain nutrients can keep them stronger such as dark, leafy greens, fruits, fiber, lean proteins and foods rich in calcium. Some kids with cerebral palsy can’t eat normally with their mouths, so they might have a gastronomy tube. If your child is one of them, you should speak with a gastroenterologist and nutritionist about how best to feed them the right nutrients.

Help them be active

All children need plenty of exercise, but those with cerebral palsy are often limited in that area. Still, it’s important to encourage as active a lifestyle as they can manage so that their muscles can benefit. It can help improve strength and reduce muscle spasms.

If your child suffered birth injuries, there is a chance that it was the result of medical negligence. You might want to speak with another medical professional to get their opinion.