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Created: 27 August 2019

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an injury accident may necessitate hiring a traumatic brain injury lawyer. Brain injuries from personal injury accidents can be significant and life changing, requiring top legal counsel. We serve as a highly experienced traumatic brain injury attorney representing TBI victims in brain injury cases and brain injury insurance claims throughout Idaho in claims involving substantial money damages. Mahoney Law has experience and a proven track record of success in helping those with traumatic brain injuries win their TBI cases or settle their TBI insurance claims as a brain injury law firm in Idaho. We are professional and always fully prepared for trial on brain injury cases. We offer free and confidential brain injury consultations and no obligation brain injury case reviews. Our traumatic brain injury TBI law firm practice here in Idaho is focused on getting our clients the money damages or insurance benefits they deserve. We recognize that traumatic brain injuries are very serious and we work to combat outdated thinking and medical prejudices against these life-altering brain injuries. If you are looking for a top brain injury attorney here in Idaho, please consider our personal injury law firm.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) can be caused by direct trauma or merely from the movement of the brain inside the head. Medical professionals now recognize that direct, blunt force trauma is not necessary to sustain a TBI. A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury, a concussion TBI. It is also now well understood that traumatic brain injuries may not show up on imaging scans such as MRIs. While hemorrhaging in the brain may be visible, many TBIs do damage at a level not detectable by current imaging technology. Traumatic brain injuries may require months or even years of treatment before maximum medical improvement is reached, treatment by specialists such as a concussion clinic, out-patient brain injury programs, physical medicine experts, neurologists, speech and balance therapists, physical therapy, and neuropsychology experts. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) can lead to a loss of cognitive functioning, mental processing, dizziness, word finding problems, emotional difficulties, mental fatigue, mood, memory problems, sense of smell issues, light sensitivity, headaches, as well as employment problems and loss of income. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a significant cause of disability in the United States, roughly 13.5 million individuals. Many brain injury victims live with significant disabilities. The economic impact of brain injuries as been estimated to be in the billions of dollars, with millions of emergency room visits, and thousands of hospitalizations and deaths from brain injuries. Falls, being struck by an object, and motor vehicle crashes are leading causes of brain injuries.

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can result in neurologic and functional impairments. A typically used brain injury severity scale is the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS): a GCS score of 13 to 15 is considered mild injury; 9 to 12 is considered moderate injury; and 8 or less is considered severe. Management of brain injuries may depend on whether the traumatic brain injury is due to severe trauma versus secondary which may continue for some time. One approach to concussions is to now refer patients to specialty concussion clinics and therapists to work to rehabilitate impairments, which we often see in our brain injury legal cases.

Mahoney Law is an Idaho is a traumatic brain injury TBI law firm. We represent traumatic brain injury clients with TBI injury cases and insurance claims. Our traumatic brain injury attorney will review your potential claim free of charge. Our traumatic brain injury lawyer will review the facts of the potential case as well as your medical history to determine if you have a valid TBI injury case or TBI insurance claim. There are no fees unless we are successful as we work on a contingency fee basis. Call Mahoney Law of Idaho now for a free, no obligation, confidential traumatic brain injury case or TBI insurance claim review. 208-345-6364.