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Created: 20 May 2019

As personal injury lawyers, we often receive calls from prospective clients inquiring about representation.  Often, these individuals are still in the middle of recovering from their injuries or are still undergoing treatment for their injuries.  The most important thing at this point in the personal injury process is your physical and mental health.  And, the best way to address that is: follow your treating healthcare providers’ advice as to recovering from your personal injuries.  Attend all appointments.  Describe to your doctors all problems you are experiencing.  If you are given orders to get imaging done, get the imaging done.  If you are in need of a second opinion, get the second opinion.  Follow the instructions as to prescriptions.  If you are supposed to follow-up with a specialist, make the appointment and attend it.  If you are to complete a course of physical therapy, complete the physical therapy.  If you are under medically documented restrictions, abide by those restrictions.  Far too often, as personal injury attorneys, we see people who have failed to do these things.  Not only does it complicate their personal injury claim, but it can compromise their health and recovery.  So, put your health and recovery from injuries first, follow doctor’s advice, attend appointments, and get to a point of maximum medical recovery and stability.  For a free and confidential personal injury law firm consultation, contact us here at Mahoney Law PLLC in Boise, Idaho.  208-345-6364