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Straightforward Information on Personal Injury Lawyers in Idaho

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Created: 02 April 2019

For basic, straightforward information on personal injury attorneys and personal injury lawyers in Idaho, contact Mahoney Law PLLC, Idaho’s go-to law firm for personal injury claims and cases, especially those involving motor vehicle collisions.  We can provide answers to common personal injury claim questions, such as: how do I hire a top personal injury lawyer?; how do the attorney fees work?; what if the other driver was at fault but was not cited?; how much will it cost?; how long does it take?; will this effect my car insurance?; how does this work with my healthcare insurance?; and how much money can I expect to recover if I go forward with a personal injury matter?  When you call, have the basic facts of your situation well in mind and have collected a file of any paperwork related to your injury matter.  If you would like to conduct additional research, here are some links that you might find helpful.  For Idaho’s “rules of the road,” click here to review motor vehicle safety statutes:  For road conditions, try the Idaho Transportation Department:  For insurance information, the Idaho Department of Insurance can provide information:, and also explore Idaho’s insurance claim laws:  While it is our job to help people involved in personal injury cases, including car crash cases, we always encourage safe, responsible driving.  Do not drive distracted, put the cell phone down (it can wait), leave a safe following distance, obey the speed limit, do not pass when it’s not safe, drive defensively, and never drive on drugs or alcohol.  For more information, contact Mahoney Law PLLC in Idaho — we provide free initial consultations and confidential case reviews.