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Created: 11 March 2019

Where to start when looking for an attorney?  That is a basic question that people often have when in need of a law firm and who are in need of basic information for hiring a good lawyer.  This post provides some basic answers for people searching for a lawyer, attorney, or law firm.  The best place to start is conducting internet research to obtain basic information as to attorneys.  In comparing lawyers, people wonder how to decide. The first thing to consider is what type of law is involved.  Usually, the easiest way to determine this is to ask yourself, what type of legal problem do I have?  Is it a personal injury from an automobile accident – if so, that would be a personal injury lawyer.  Is it a wrongful death of a family member – that would involve wrongful death personal injury law or wrongful death medical malpractice attorney.  If you or a family member have suffered from poor medical treatment, a misdiagnosis, or the like – that may involve medical malpractice law. There are, of course, other areas of the law, such as criminal lawyers for infractions, citations, misdemeanors, and felonies.  There are family law attorneys for divorce, child custody, and similar issues.  There are wills, trust, and estate lawyers for issues involving the passing of a loved one and the administration of property and assets after death.  So, start by asking what type of legal issue you have, then search for a lawyer with that specialty.  Then, you need to ask how do I compare lawyers once I determine what type of lawyer I need.  The best things to consider are whether the attorney is actually in Idaho, experience, reputation, results, reviews, and professional organization recognition.  Then, call and speak with the law firm.  Do not be afraid at all to ask right up front how much does it cost, is it expensive, can I afford it?   Fees will be hourly, an overall flat rate, blended, or a contingency fee (commission based).  Also, ask the lawyer to explain how long does it take, and at least get a rough estimate of how long the legal process is.   It can range from a few weeks, to months, even to years.  Also, while each case is different and unique, the attorney should be able to explain what the results can be and provide a range of possible results.   If you need answers on how to hire a lawyer, attorney, or law firm, please call and speak with our law firm here in Idaho, Mahoney Law, PLLC.  We practice in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and product liability.  You can also submit your case details through our website portal.