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How do I find a good personal injury lawyer?

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Created: 01 March 2019

If you are asking “how do I find a good personal injury lawyer?”, we can provide some answers.  Unless you know lawyers in the community, one of the best tools is conducting thorough internet research.  While many firms proclaim their expertise, you will want to look at: (a) experience in terms of both numbers of years in practice as well as experience with personal injury law; (b) reviews; (c) results in terms of past settlements and verdicts; (d) and professional organization recognition.  Once you narrow your list down to 2 or 3 top personal injury lawyer candidates, call each attorney and ask to set up an in-person meeting.  Typically, the firm will get some basic information first over the phone for preliminary case screening purposes.  If a personal injury case might be warranted, you will have a sit down meeting.  Bring all the records and documents you have on this to the meeting.  The lawyer and staff will talk with you about what happened to cause your injury, what the injuries are, and how you have been impacted.  The attorney will help educate you on the types of monetary damages allowed in a personal injury claim.  The law firm will help you understand what the insurance claim process is, as well as what the lawsuit process is, and will detail what the personal injury lawyer does for you.  And, the lawyer will clearly set forth what the attorney fee arrangement is, usually a contingency fee (commission) based on the total dollar amount recovered for you in money damages.  The lawyer will lay out what percentage the attorney fees are so you can decide whether it’s worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer in your situation.