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Answers to Questions About Medical Malpractice Lawyers and Information On Medical Malpractice Attorneys — What Is Medical Malpractice?

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Created: 07 March 2019

Medical malpractice victims who have been injured by medical malpractice often ask, “should I get a lawyer for a medical malpractice situation?” and, “when can an attorney help in a medical malpractice case?”  The lawyer answer is, it depends on three things: (1) fault or liability; (2) causation of injuries and damages; and (3) availability of insurance to pay money damages.  What is medical malpractice?  Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor, or other healthcare professional is negligent and causes harm to a patient.  The negligence might be the result of a misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, errors in aftercare or health management, when a provider fails to perform proper healthcare duties or medical duties.  Medical malpractice lawyers can literally be lifesavers in helping navigate these issues and provide attorney answers.  You will want to discuss how much the lawyer charges for a medical malpractice case, often a contingency fee reflecting a percentage of the amount recovered in damages, where you don’t pay unless the lawyer wins for you.  The medical malpractice law firm can provide answers to what the average settlement is for medical malpractice, which will depend on the variables listed above and can range from tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and even in to multiple millions of dollars depending on the circumstances.  The medical malpractice lawyer can provide an explanation as to how and why the dollar amounts vary and answer questions such as “how much to you get for pain and suffering?”  You will also learn how do you prove medical malpractice and what qualifies as medical malpractice, which involves consulting with expert medical witnesses on whether the standard of care was violated, whether that caused injuries, and the dollar amount of damages for past and future medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering, which are part of the four elements of medical malpractice law.  How long do you have to get a lawyer after medical malpractice?  The attorney answer is: in Idaho, adults generally only have two (2) years to take legal action, minors have longer, and there are shorter deadlines if a governmental entity is involved as a potential defendant, but each case can be different so do not delay in finding a medical malpractice law firm. In researching “how do I choose a good medical malpractice lawyer” to find the best medical malpractice attorneys, you should look at experience, location, reputation, actual past results in terms of dollars recovered, as well as staff customer service.  In comparing medical malpractice attorneys and medical malpractice lawyers in Idaho, while you want a medical malpractice law firm that is aggressive and experienced, you also want an attorney that is known as one of Idaho’s best for medical malpractice claims, and a lawyer who is a winning Idaho medical malpractice attorney providing client-focused representation. Various medical malpractice attorneys will be recommended by professional organizations, which can help you come up with a definitive list of medical malpractice lawyers. Note that there are definitely reasons why a medical malpractice lawyer will not take your case, ranging from problems proving fault, to a lack of legitimate and serious injuries, to a lack of damages and a situation where there is no insurance.  These are all things to consider in deciding whether to get involved in making a claim and bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit.  But, if these factors are positive, a good medical malpractice law firm will fight for your rights to full compensation for your losses, particularly in cases where someone is suffering the effects of catastrophic medical malpractice.  A top rated lawyer will be able to help you find answers on whether it makes sense to pursue a medical malpractice settlement versus move forward with an actual medical malpractice lawsuit in court. A top rated medical malpractice law firm will be willing to meet with you in person to provide lawyer explanations to your questions as to how the process works, costs, fees, timing, and other important details.  A top rated medical malpractice attorney will explain that each case is unique and requires individual analysis and attention.