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Answers to Questions About Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer – Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney

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Created: 05 March 2019

Personal injury victims who have been injured in a car accident often ask, “should I get a lawyer for an auto accident?” and, “when can an attorney help in a car accident case?”  The lawyer overview answer is, it depends on three things: (1) fault or liability; (2) causation of injuries and damages; and (3) availability of insurance to pay money damages.  Personal injury lawyers can literally be lifesavers in helping navigate these issues and provide attorney answers.  You will want to discuss how much the lawyer charges for a car accident case, often a contingency fee reflecting a percentage of the amount recovered in damages, where you don’t pay unless the lawyer wins for you.  The law firm can provide answers to what the average settlement is for a car accident, which will depend on the variables listed above and can range from a few thousand dollars, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and even in to millions of dollars depending on the circumstances.  Idaho has statutory caps on the amount of certain types of money damages that are allowed, which may or may not apply to your situation.  The lawyer can provide an explanation as to how this varies and answer questions such as “how much to you get for pain and suffering?”  How long do you have to get a lawyer after a car crash?  The attorney answer is: generally speaking, in Idaho, adults only have two (2) years to take legal action, minors have longer, and there are shorter deadlines if a governmental entity is involved as a potential defendant, so do not delay in getting personal advice specific to your individual case.  In researching “how do I choose a good personal injury lawyer” to find the best car accident attorneys, you should look at experience, location, reputation, actual past results in terms of dollars recovered, as well as staff customer service.  In comparing personal injury attorneys and car accident attorneys in Idaho, while you want a law firm that is aggressive and experienced, you also want an attorney that is known as one of Idaho’s best for injury claims, a lawyer who is a winning Idaho personal injury attorney providing client-focused representation. Various car accident attorneys will be recommended by professional organizations, which can help you come up with a definitive list of personal injury lawyers. Note that there are definitely reasons why a personal injury lawyer will not take your case, ranging from problems proving fault, to a lack of legitimate and serious injuries, to a lack of damages and a situation where there is no insurance.  These are all things to consider in deciding whether to get involved in making a claim and bringing a personal injury lawsuit.  But, if these factors are positive, a good personal injury law firm will fight for your rights to full compensation for your losses, particularly in cases where someone is suffering the effects of a catastrophic personal injury.  A top rated lawyer will be able to help you find answers on whether it makes sense to pursue a settlement versus move forward with an actual lawsuit in court.  If your case is not appropriate for early settlement, the attorney will provide answers on what the personal injury lawsuit process involves and what the personal injury attorney actually does, including the initial complaint filing process, the discovery process involving written information exchange and depositions under oath, as well as various motions that can be filed, up to and including the actual jury trial, followed by potential appeals, and collecting on a judgment.  While this may seem daunting a first, a good lawyer will clearly explain this and help you every step of the way.  We will speak with you to answer these questions as applied to your situation, so please do call and discuss your potential case with us or explore our website further.  We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating based on our dedication to ethical customer service.