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Dental Malpractice – Dentist Malpractice – Dentist Negligence

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Created: 09 January 2019

We handle cases of serious dental malpractice.  Yes, you can sue your dentist for malpractice in select circumstances.  We carefully screen all potential cases of dental malpractice for merit and only advance cases involving strong liability and serious, permanent injury caused by dental negligence.  Often, these involve third molar extractions wherein the patient’s lingual nerveor inferior alveolar nerve is severed or injured.  This results in permanent nerve damage requiring attempted surgical repair by an oral surgeon. Often, patients are left with permanent facial and/or tongue numbness and pain.  Dentists must use proper technique, use proper imaging, must refer certain cases to oral surgeon specialists, and obtain proper informed consent for the procedure. Contact Mahoney Law PLLC of Idaho for questions on dental malpractice, dentist malpractice, and dentist negligence.