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Product Liability Injury Law

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Created: 10 December 2018

Mahoney Law PLLC is one of Idaho’s go to firms for product liability personal injury lawsuits.  Product liability involves representing consumers and their families when injured by a dangerous product.  Under Idaho law, a product injury victim may prove that an unsafe product was unreasonable dangerous and defective, so-called “strict product liability.”  An injured consumer may also prove that a product manufacturer failed to reasonably warn of dangers.  Sadly, we sometimes find in discovery that product manufacturers were on prior notice of serious dangers but failed to fix the problem, having faced past claims and lawsuits and having been aware of studies and data that give them knowledge of serious dangers.  The profit motive, putting dollars over customers, can be a driving factor here.  Mahoney Law, an Idaho based product liability law firm, offers free product liability case reviews and we work on a contingency fee.  We have helped clients as a product liability attorney throughout Idaho obtain justice for serious injuries suffered from all types of unsafe products.