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Personal Injury Law Tips

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Firm News

Created: 27 April 2016

A key consideration in any personal injury case, including car accidents, is that Idaho has a two year statute of limitations for most cases.  Cases involving children have longer deadlines, and cases involving governmental entities have shorter deadlines.  So, be very mindful of time-limitiations; your personal injury attorney can guide you on this issue.  Another important rule of thumb to keep in mind is:  do what your doctor says!  Follow medical-professional advice in terms of your healing and recovery.  Your health is the most important part of the initial process — do what the doctors order to give yourself the best chance at a full recovery, dealing with personal injury attorneys is an important part of the process but really should be secondary.  Lastly, in most cases it is not wise to speak with the insurance company for the opposing, at-fault driver for anything other than getting your vehicle fixed or replaced, i.e., your property damage claim.  Conversations about fault and liability are best had with your own personal injury lawyer.